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Map - Holyland for Pilgrims Map for Pilgrims Touring the Holyland

A necessary travel aid for your journey through the Holyland. Follow Jesus's footsteps with this amazingly detailed map. Color-coded arrows follow each of Jesus's ministries and journeys. Original drawings depict the holy sites along with brief explanations of each, from Jerusalem to the Galilee. Also included are city maps of Nazareth, Bethlehem and Jerusalem's Old City and a satellite map of the country. All significant holy sites are highlighted on each city map.

Added Features:stamp1

  • Color-coded regions marking locations of the Twelve Tribes who lived in the land before Jesus's journeys
  • Map also available as one-sided poster in various languagesĀ (see Gifts/Posters)
  • Add your company logo
Folded: 10 x 24 cm. (4 x 9.5 in.)
Opens to: 47.5 x. 68 cm. (19 x 27 in.)

Price: $5.00