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The Holy Land is a popular tourist destination, but yet still remains sacred and special in the eyes of many – not just pilgrims.


This uniqueness is strengthened by the holiness o the country for many religions, by its important role in the world's history, and also due to its unique and special culture. After all, Israel is a western, modern country in the heart of the middle east.


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The Holy Land, which is mainly todays modern state of Israel (and in some parts – the Palestinian Authority), is considered sacred and holy for the 3 monotheistic religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity.



Its history begins with the rise of Judaism, later Christianity, and Islam declared it as a holy city as well.


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In previous years, you actually had to be in a place in order to do shopping there. This was especially true when it came to authentic and culture-related items.

In order to get gifts and local souvenirs from the Holy Land, you really had to travel the narrow markets of the Old City of Jerusalem or visit the shops of Nazareth and Bethlehem.


And if you wanted to have an Israeli Army shirt, you needed to find a shop in Israel that sells such a shirt.

However, all this is nowadays a matter of the past. People buy more and more items online – Starting from small items, plane tickets, cars and even clothes.


tourist map of jerusalem old city

The Old City of Jerusalem is the most well toured part of Jerusalem, as it preserves many of the interesting sites and attractions of the city. In fact, today's modern Jerusalem populates almost a million citizens, but many of its neighborhoods are simply boring and not interesting for tourist matters.



The map of Jerusalem landmarks usually includes the city center, on which the Jaffa Road is the most famous, a few picturesque neighborhoods, but the important part is of course the Old City of Jerusalem.


tourist map of jerusalem israel

The city of Jerusalem in Israel has become a very popular destination for tourists. Nowadays, not only pilgrims come to visit the city, but also as a regular place that tourists come to wander around.



The city of Jerusalem has plenty of interesting sites and landmarks and the atmosphere of the city is a unique mix between ancient holiness, modern life and some Middle Eastern essence.


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Israel is in many ways a different tourist destination than most of the countries in the world, mainly due to its highly important role in the world's history, and especially in the history of the western civilization.


Israel is still often described as the "Holly Land", and has plenty of sightseeing opportunities for outside visitors. Jerusalem is probably the most popular city for tourists, but Israel also offers places such as Nazareth, Bethlehem, the Jordan Valley, the Sea of Galilee and others. Even the modern parts of the country such as Tel-Aviv offer great attractions.


souvenir ideas israel

Israel has become one of the Middle East's most popular tourist destinations in the recent years. It offers plenty of attractions and sightseeing opportunities.


The land of Israel combines both ancient history and unique modern culture, and although Israel is considered a modern country – outside visitors often find it very different, compared to other western countries.


popular souvenirs from israel

Bringing souvenirs and gifts for your friends at home is probably one of your most important tasks as a tourist. For some people this often seems as annoying and frustrating, while for others this considered as a nice tradition.



Anyway, in order to help you in finding and choosing gift ideas, in this article we'll discuss and give examples for popular souvenirs from Israel, such that you can buy both while wandering the Holy Land, and also online if you wish so.


map of jerusalem landmarks

Jerusalem is by far the most interesting and attractive city for tourists to visit in Israel. There are many other places which tourists go for sightseeing, but nevertheless – Jerusalem is so reach in history and famous places, that it outnumbers any other destination.



There are not many places in the world where so much has happened during history. Jerusalem was the place where both Judaism and Christianity were established, and these 2 religions see Jerusalem as holy and sacred.


map of jerusalem holy sites

The city of Jerusalem is well known for being sacred and holy for the three monotheistic religions, which are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The city is not only the capital of modern Israel, but also the center of what is known as The Holy Land.


For centuries, Jerusalem was an important target for pilgrims, of these 3 religions due to its symbol and the many holy sites that are situated in the city.

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