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holy land unique gifts

The Holy Land is a popular tourist destination, but yet still remains sacred and special in the eyes of many – not just pilgrims.


This uniqueness is strengthened by the holiness o the country for many religions, by its important role in the world's history, and also due to its unique and special culture. After all, Israel is a western, modern country in the heart of the middle east.


As a tourist, you will be always looking for some Holy Land unique gifts to arrive back home and bring to those who are close to you.

In this article, we'll try to give you some unique gift ideas to choose from.



Dead Sea Products

Dead Sea products are known for their curing makings, and are sold for pretty expensive prices around the world.

As a tourist to Israel, you will have the opportunity to swim and bath in the Dead Sea yourself. Furthermore, these products can be found in Israel for lower prices than abroad – so you can find this as quite a bargain.



Religious Gifts

For your religious and history-loving friends, various Holy Land religious gifts and artifacts can be well appreciated.

Crosses and crescents, David stars, Christian icons and all other items related to the 3 monotheistic religions are often considered as nice.



Uniforms and Costumes

Some other souvenirs to buy in Israel include uniforms and costumes that resemble the local unique culture.

These include costumes of Rabbis, Priests, Qadis, etc. Today, also Israeli army uniforms have become popular.

You don't always have to buy the whole outfit – just a hat or a shirt can be enough.



Water and Sand


The last gift we'll discuss is water and sand of the land. In recent times, reaching the Holy Land was difficult, and that's how it was developed to bring a piece from the land as a souvenir.