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In previous years, you actually had to be in a place in order to do shopping there. This was especially true when it came to authentic and culture-related items.

In order to get gifts and local souvenirs from the Holy Land, you really had to travel the narrow markets of the Old City of Jerusalem or visit the shops of Nazareth and Bethlehem.


And if you wanted to have an Israeli Army shirt, you needed to find a shop in Israel that sells such a shirt.

However, all this is nowadays a matter of the past. People buy more and more items online – Starting from small items, plane tickets, cars and even clothes.




Buying Souvenirs and Gifts Online

As a visitor to the Holy Land, you are often expected to come back holding bags of holy land gifts to your friends and relatives.

They imagine you buying them in the old way, but these holy land unique gifts can be easily purchased online.

You can just browse our website, check out the hundreds of gifts ideas and just order them to your local address.



Making Life Easy

Sometimes, it is just a way easier to just go online and order the souvenirs than to ways hours and days of your trip looking for them.

Online, you can also see and compare all kinds of ideas and choose the ones that you prefer. This way, you also avoid being cheated.

By knowing that you can purchase your gifts online, you can still wander around the markets and look for souvenirs yourself, but never be in a really hurry – anyway you'll be able to get your gifts – not only the popular souvenirs from Israel, but almost any type of gift you can imagine.