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holyland religious gifts

The Holy Land, which is mainly todays modern state of Israel (and in some parts – the Palestinian Authority), is considered sacred and holy for the 3 monotheistic religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity.



Its history begins with the rise of Judaism, later Christianity, and Islam declared it as a holy city as well.



Due to the calming of the security situation, the Holy Land attracts more and more tourists, many of which come exclusively for religious reasons.

They come to visit Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth and the Jordan River; or the Western Wall, Sefad, Tiberias and Hebron; or the El-Quds and other holy parts.

Holy Land religious gifts are very popular souvenirs from jerusalem and israel, that many tourist bring back to their friends at home.



A Large Variety to Choose From

Religious gifts are not just crosses and Christian icons. There is  a much larger variety of gifts to choose from.

We'll just give you a few examples. The first one is the unique wines and olive oils that are produced locally. The wine is produced in monasteries and is a great gift for your Christian friends, and also in Jewish farms as well. The oil is produced by members of all religions, and is another great gift for both religious and culinary matters.


Authentic clothes and costumes are another example of souvenirs to buy in Israel.

The Holy Land has been known for years as isolated and hard to reach, and this has created a tradition of bringing water and sand a souvenir from the land. The idea here is to bring a piece of the land for those who weren't lucky enough to reach it by their selves.

Today you just need to buy a plane ticket, but yet this tradition still remains as one of the popular souvenirs from Israel.