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Jerusalem Christian Gifts

Jerusalem is not only the capital of today's modern Israel, but it's also the center of the historical Holy Land.


Jerusalem is the largest city of Israel, but it still preserves many of its historical parts, which include the old city and many other ancient towns and villages that now became parts of the city of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem and the Holy Land, are sacred to the 3 religions – Islam, Judaism and Christianity. When it comes to Christianity, pilgrims from all over the world visit Jerusalem and other holy Christian sites in Israel (including Nazareth, the Jordan River, Bethlehem and others).


As tourists, we're often expected to bring back souvenirs and gifts. In Israel, there are plenty of opportunities and ideas for gifts, but in this article we will focus on Jerusalem Christian gifts. What are they and where can you find them? Let's find out.


Christian Gifts in Jerusalem's Markets

Jerusalem's Old City markets are considered as the best source for souvenirs from holy land. Thousands of alleys and hidden street provide ideas for bargains and a variety of presents to bring back home.


The first most common and obvious are all types of Christian Crosses. They vary by style, type and materials. You can find them made of stone, metal and wood. For many of your friends, this might be a great gift to put in the living room.


Another common gift to bring from Jerusalem is for yourself as a memory or for friends who won't have the opportunity to visit the Holy Land. These include holy water from the Jordan River, oil and wine from monasteries and even the Holy Land soil.


Icons and pictures of saints and monuments are also considered a nice gift, and of course – there are many others. also you can try an item like a christian placemat or a poster from Jerusalem,  Just try walking along the Old City and look for inspiration.