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Map of Jerusalem east and west


Jerusalem is not only Israel's capital and the largest city in the country, it's also the most toured city, with more tourists flocking to the city than any other area in Israel.


For those who aren't familiar with the city, might imagine the city of Jerusalem as a small and ancient city. However modern Jerusalem has grown much beyond the old city, and nowadays has numerous areas and neighborhoods.



Totally, the area of Jerusalem is more than triple compared to Tel-Aviv. In order to find the way around the city, a map of Jerusalem east and west is required.


2 Parts of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is practically constructed of 2 partially separated parts – East Jerusalem and West Jerusalem.

The west and the east are sometimes considered as geographic, but to be more accurate – the division is national. The western part consists of mainly Jewish residents, while the eastern part is mostly Arabic.


However, despite the differences, attempts over more than 40 years, create some connection between these parts.

The most known method of the city to connect its parts is the new light train system, that crosses the city from west to east and passes through the main Jewish and Arab neighborhood.


Touring the City

As a tourist, you will find the best souvenirs from Israel in Jerusalem's old city.  In addition, the city is full of touristic sites – synagogues, churches, mosques and museums.


A map of Jerusalem is essential when travelling through the city. The most common and comfortable way is by foot, by the way, as most of the common sites are located around the city center.