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map of jerusalem holy sites

The city of Jerusalem is well known for being sacred and holy for the three monotheistic religions, which are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The city is not only the capital of modern Israel, but also the center of what is known as The Holy Land.


For centuries, Jerusalem was an important target for pilgrims, of these 3 religions due to its symbol and the many holy sites that are situated in the city.


A map of Jerusalem sites includes the most toured parts of the city. It's important to remember that today's Jerusalem has a population that is close to a million citizens, and most of the city is used for modern uses – housing, industry and commerce. Only specific areas are relevant and interesting for tourist.

The Old City

The old city of Jerusalem is probably the most famous part of the city, and you can often find tourist map of Jerusalem old city by itself without other parts of the city.

The Old City is divided into 4 quarters – the Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Armenian. Each of the quarters includes its holy sites.

As a rule of thumb, you can simply choose the religion relevant to you, visit the appropriate quarter, and you'll find holy and famous sites on every step. The Old City is also the best place to find holy land religious gifts to bring back to your friends at home.

Mount Scopus and Mount of Olives

Mount Scopus and especially the Mount of Olives are known for their Jewish and Christian sites. They are located in East Jerusalem, outside the Old City and are a common destination for tourists.


The Russian Compound and Ein-Karem


The Russian Compound and the Ein-Karem neighborhood are interesting places to visit in Jerusalem, and contain sites that are mainly related to Christianity – but of course every tourist might find them as attractive.