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map of jerusalem landmarks

Jerusalem is by far the most interesting and attractive city for tourists to visit in Israel. There are many other places which tourists go for sightseeing, but nevertheless – Jerusalem is so reach in history and famous places, that it outnumbers any other destination.



There are not many places in the world where so much has happened during history. Jerusalem was the place where both Judaism and Christianity were established, and these 2 religions see Jerusalem as holy and sacred.



Adding to that, Islam has chosen Jerusalem as holy as well. Many wars have been fought for the control over Jerusalem, and billions of people have dreamt and still dream of visiting it.


Most of Jerusalem is not interesting or relevant for tourists, and yet on a map of Jerusalem landmarks will be found on not just one area.



City Center

The city center of Jerusalem has been recently upgraded by the new light train, the construction of which all other vehicles out of the main Jaffa road – thus creating a pastoral and quite atmosphere.


Except the Jaffa road, interesting landmarks include the Ben-Yehuda street, the Mahne Yehuda market and Mammilla Boulevard.



Old City

The Old City of Jerusalem is surrounded by high walls, and inside the city is divided into 4 quarter – Jewish, Armenian, Christian and Islamic.

Each of these quarters preserves a long history, so that literally every stone in the city has its story.


When entering the city, you should get a tourist map of jerusalem old city to help you navigate around the narrow alleys, in which you will also find plenty of popular souvenirs from Israel.



Unique Neighborhoods

In addition to the Old City and City Center, Jerusalem includes some other interesting neighborhoods.


These are mainly the Ein-Karem neighborhood, the Russian Compound, the Mount of Olives and Nahlaot.