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popular souvenirs from israel

Bringing souvenirs and gifts for your friends at home is probably one of your most important tasks as a tourist. For some people this often seems as annoying and frustrating, while for others this considered as a nice tradition.



Anyway, in order to help you in finding and choosing gift ideas, in this article we'll discuss and give examples for popular souvenirs from Israel, such that you can buy both while wandering the Holy Land, and also online if you wish so.




Religious Gifts

For the last 2,000 years and even more, Israel is known as the origin and a holy place for the 3 monotheistic religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Well-designed crosses can be found in any corner of the tourist sites. Christian icons and symbols are another popular gift among pilgrims. Wine from monasteries and water from the Jordan River are also in this list.


When it comes to Judaism – designed kippas and Judaica art is a great gift for the jewish family members and friends.

Islam souvenirs are less common but yet can be also found.



Unique Culture Souvenirs

Israel offers a unique culture that is in many ways different that the culture of other western countries.

Israel is a mix of western and middle-eastern cultures, where Judaism and Islam a combined together.


This culture is unique in its music, in its clothes, in food, in tradition and more – and these are exactly the kind of gifts and souvenirs that you can choose to purchase. Pretty simple – people enjoy meeting with different cultures.


Modern Israel Souvenirs

Modern Israel seems to appear in the world news way beyond its economical or geographic role.

Israel is known for its strong army – and souvenirs such as army hats and uniform are very common.

Also, Israel's city of Tel-Aviv is a known resort and party-city. Why not bring some "I love Tel-Aviv" shirt as a gift?

These were just some example of souvenirs to buy in Israel.