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Israel has become one of the Middle East's most popular tourist destinations in the recent years. It offers plenty of attractions and sightseeing opportunities.


The land of Israel combines both ancient history and unique modern culture, and although Israel is considered a modern country – outside visitors often find it very different, compared to other western countries.



As a tourist, your visit to Israel will create expectations amongst your friends and relatives – that you will bring them some nice souvenirs from your visit.

After all, not every day people come back from the Bible Holy Land, do they?

In this article, we'll discuss souvenir ideas Israel has to offer for you, and where to purchase them.



Souvenirs in the Jerusalem Markets

Probably the greatest place to shop for souvenirs are the markets in the Old City of Jerusalem.

In these markets, you can find almost any product you want – beginning from food and beverages, computers and electronics, and of course – plenty of gifts and souvenirs.

Holy Land religious gifts include symbols of the 3 religions – Islam, Christianity and Judaism. You will also find there cultural items – musical instruments, costumes, perfumes and spices, and more.

If you plan to buy Israel souvenirs, begin your searches in the Jerusalem old markets.



Christian Tourism

The Christian tourism for pilgrims is well developed in Israel, and in any site related to Christianity, you will also be offered to purchase gifts and souvenirs.

At the Jordan River you can buy holy water from the river itself. In Bethlehem you can buy crosses and Christian icons. In Nazareth's churches and cathedrals – local wine is another fine idea for you to purchase.


As you can see, these are just a few examples of many other popular souvenirs from Israel that you can find in the Holy Land.