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Souvenirs from Holy Land


The Holy Land is nowadays shared between Israel that takes most of its part, and the Palestinian Authority that controls other areas. In fact, some Christian sites are also located in the state of Jordan, but they are pretty minor.

The Holy Land is sacred to many religions, and especially to Christianity, Islam and Judaism, that all hold sites and prayer symbols in the land.



Visiting Israel is considered pretty simple and convenient for the average tourist, because despite its location in the heart of the Middle East, Israel is a modern country with well developed infrastructure and transportation.


For this reasons, the number of tourists and pilgrims who come to the Holy Land is growing almost every year, now reaching over 5 million annually.

In this article, we will actually not discuss any touristic aspects of the visit to the Holy Land, but we will focus one single issue – which is the souvenirs that you are expected to bring home. Souvenirs from Holy Land.


Best Souvenirs from Israel


Best souvenirs from Israel, if you ask almost any local, can be found in the huge markets of the old city in Jerusalem.

There, along the most mysterious alleys and narrow streets, almost any merchandise and product can be found.

You can find there various religious items – such as crosses, icons, holy water and oils, religious clothes etc.

Spices are another product that Jerusalem is famous for, and you will be able to smell some spices that you probably have never heard of.


Pictures and  images are another great souvenir that you can bring back – of either monuments and buildings or simply the great views and scenic areas that the Holy Land is known for.


A souvenir can also be a musical instrument such as the Tof or the Darbuka, which can be great for any party.