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Street Map Jewish Quarter Jerusalem


The old city of Jerusalem is historically divided into 4 quarters or quartiers. These quarters are based on the 4 different populations that lived in the old city of Jerusalem before the massive Jewish immigration to the land of Israel in the end of the 19th century.



These quarters are the Muslim quarter (which is also the largest one), the Christian quarter, the Jewish quarter and the Armenian quarter (the smallest one).


Nowadays, each quarter still preserves its status as it was 150 years ago, and the populations hardly get mixed.


In this article we will discuss the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem.



Visiting the Jewish Quarter

A street map of the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem includes most of the common sites that are recommended for tourists.


It's strongly recommended to use a specific, separate map that includes only the Jewish quarter, and not an entire street map of jerusalem's old city.


This is because there are so many points of interest in this small area, that you just can't include them all in a map of the whole city. In fact, a map the whole old city will even miss some of the small alleys and ways, so you should use the specific map preferably.


The Jewish quarter includes the Horva Synagogue, which has been reconstructed but in fact dates back to the 17th century and was built by Rabbi Yehuda Hahasid. Another famous synagogue in the Jewish quarter is the Ramban synagogue.


It also includes remains of the ancient city from the Roman and Byzantine eras, including the "burnt house" and the Herodian quartier.