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tourist map of jerusalem israel

The city of Jerusalem in Israel has become a very popular destination for tourists. Nowadays, not only pilgrims come to visit the city, but also as a regular place that tourists come to wander around.



The city of Jerusalem has plenty of interesting sites and landmarks and the atmosphere of the city is a unique mix between ancient holiness, modern life and some Middle Eastern essence.



A tourist map of Jerusalem Israel includes many of the well-toured parts of the city. The areas that are usually visited by guest are concentrated in the central areas, but also in other neighborhoods.



Old Alleys and Markets

The most famous part of Jerusalem is the Old City, which is today located in the heart of Jerusalem and surrounded by high walls.

The Old City preserves many buildings that are over 2 thousand years old, from the times of king Herod and ever earlier.

Other parts of the Old City are newer than that, and yet it will often feel to you as if every stone there has a long, unique story.

Mosques, churches, synagogues, monasteries, yeshivas and museums – you can find time for many days just to visit them all. Also, the markets of the Old City are great for purchasing holy land unique gifts.



Quite Shopping and Dining

The next popular area is the City Center, around the Jaffa road, Ben-Yehuda street and the Mahne Yehuda market.

The city's light train will transfer you around the city center, where you will find great places for shopping, dining and just walking and enjoying the views.



Tuscany in the Middle East

In addition to the city center, some other neighborhoods are famous as well. One of them is Ein-Karem, a bit hidden part of the city, that is often called the "Tuscany of the Middle East".


A map of Jerusalem landmarks will always include Ein-Karem and other unique neighborhoods.