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tourist map of jerusalem old city

The Old City of Jerusalem is the most well toured part of Jerusalem, as it preserves many of the interesting sites and attractions of the city. In fact, today's modern Jerusalem populates almost a million citizens, but many of its neighborhoods are simply boring and not interesting for tourist matters.



The map of Jerusalem landmarks usually includes the city center, on which the Jaffa Road is the most famous, a few picturesque neighborhoods, but the important part is of course the Old City of Jerusalem.




Divided into 4 Quarters

The Old City of Jerusalem is divided into 4 quarters that are related to the 4 groups that used to live in Old Jerusalem in previous centuries.

The quarters are the Muslim Quarter (which is the largest one), the Christian Quarter, the Jewish quarter and the Armenian Quarter (the smallest one).

Most of the sites and landmarks are situated in their "appropriate" quarter, and yet sometimes you can find a mosque in the Jewish Quarter, or a church in the Muslim Quarter as well.

Usually tour guides focus on a specific religion in every visit, which means focusing mainly a certain quarter.



Every Stone has its Story

In Old Jerusalem, every stone has its story. When walking around the city, you can easily identify new walls and older ones, you can see that a building has several layers, and literally every stone has a meaning.

Often archeologists just don't find enough time and resources to filter and identify everything, but a stone that you see one the street might find itself later in a museum.



Noisy Alleys and Peaceful Squares

The Old City offers long, never ending alleys and markets, where almost anything can be found a bought. Popular souvenirs from Israel can be found there by the thousands.


In addition, just by walking a few meters, you can find yourself in peaceful squares and boulevards – that's how Jerusalem is, and everyone can find his or her place.